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Welcome To Mason's Paralegal Service

Masons Paralegal Service has been serving the San Diego, CA. area for over 20 years and has expanded to open another office in Temecula, CA. We prepare all types of legal forms, and know the exact paperwork that you need, regardless of whatever your legal situation may be. We then ask you for all the information necessary, and then make sure all the proper legal forms are filled out correctly.Our expertise is having extensive knowledge of all legal forms required for all types of legal matters you may need, from  Bankruptcy and Divorce, to Living wills and an Unlawful Detainer, just to name a few.

When dealing with financial  issues for instatnce, we understand many people are generally overwhelmed, stressed out and worried about their future.  You may be receiving harassing phone calls, legal notices and threats of wage garnishments and lawsuits.  Our goal is to take the load off of your shoulders.  By allowing us to handle your financial matters through the most advantageous process for YOU and for YOUR benefit. You in turn, can experience immediate relief from all creditor collection agencies.  All future communications regarding your debt will be handled by a dedicated, knowledgeable, and understanding paralegal.  Our legal team will keep you apprised of all that is happening with your case during the entire process.

It is vitally  important to have all the required standard legal forms done, filled out correctly, and submitted on time. At Mason’s Paralegal Service you can be sure that all forms are filled out correctly, fully, and include everything that is required. 
We have a friendly and understanding staff waiting to help you and answer your questions. We always take the time to explain what you need and your best options.  Contact us or give us a call TODAY at  (951) 699-6594 to set up an appointment  to have all of your legal information needs met.  

We look forward to serving you!

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